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  • I also hate commercial music.

    In the 80s and 90s, it was different, I liked it a lot. It was a real competition between genres and songs. I hear them again today and I still like them, some are obsolete but they are still original and genuine, others will be another 20 years and they will still be sensational.

    But since 2000 and especially 2010 there is no competition. Record labels have been imposed and there is no real variety to choose from.

  • Odio anche la musica commerciale.

    Negli anni '80 e '90, era diverso, mi piaceva molto. Era una vera competizione tra generi e canzoni. Li sento ancora oggi e mi piacciono ancora, alcuni sono obsoleti ma sono ancora originali e genuini, altri saranno altri 20 anni e saranno comunque sensazionali.

    Ma dal 2000 e specialmente nel 2010 non c'è competizione. Le etichette discografiche sono state imposte e non c'è una vera varietà tra cui scegliere.

  • Men!!!, under my opinión, Wating door by Cryta is so so so so good that don´t deserves to be between comercial music.

    It´s deserves to be in some musical museum, as like audiotool, but don't deserves to be sold. I hope you understand this words.

    Don´t know the reason why the melody, the sound was in my Deep mind, I really feel it.

    • thanks again! i hate commercial music, so that's the best compliment :) cheers

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  • and excuse me...… I am not sure, I am spanish, but I think the correct way is: …. @deloh "who" is an audiotool user. Not "which"

    I hope you allow me make that correction, jejejeje.


    • yeah, i knew it was wrong while i was writing, but i wasn't sure, anyway i'm italian, my english is not that good !!

  • I have got recording in the mind this fabulous song. I don´t know the reason but I feel it deeply.

    Anything info on the web, only info on audiotool.

    I don´t understand, I knew the song when I listen on audiotool's radio from the first minute, but any info on web.

    If I listen it on radio some years ago, must be some info on web.

    Does not matter, Nevermind. It´s one of the best song in the musical history.

    Thanks thanks thanks very much Crypta.

    Best regards!

    • ahaha you haven't heard many music masterpieces if you think this :) but thank you very much!

  • juraria que he escuchado esta cancion montones de veces antes de escucharla en audiotool.

    ¿es un remake de alguna conocida cancion de la que no recuerdo su nombre?

    ¿podria alguien sacarme de dudas?

    I would swear I've heard this song lots of times before listening to it in audiotool.

    Is it a remake of some well-known song that I do not remember its name?

    Could someone get me out of doubt?

    • Hello. Sorry i'm not so present on audiotool lately.

      I composed the music, its an original, the vocal part is by @deloh which is an audiotool user.

      I dont know....the song is very easy pop, so it can easily sounds like a million other pop songs.


  • I do hope this one makes it onto the album. And some more hope that they do not fuck up the "cowbell" in mastering ;)

  • ahahah mi fa piacere davvero..... ma e' semplicissima i soliti 4 accordi....very very POP :)

  • :o che tracciaaaa! :o .... cè... è seria! come te lo posso spiegare l'adoro!.... l'avrò ascoltata tipo un milione di volte hehe

  • refav refav refav

  • Refav! Still sure was an instant classic! The "cowbell" really is the cherry on the pie ;)

  • just realized...the singer is @Daphne Louise sry for not mentioning you before !

  • Even if it is a 100+ REFAV!!!!

  • how did I miss this? wow!