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Welcome to the Top10 album of our this week's featured artist, @fauko aka @pedestrian . Thank you very much for compiling it.

And don't forget to check out his interview o Facebook: (link is only visible to registered users)

1. Fabrique by @Shakey

"One of Shakey’s early tracks that helped put him on the map – it directly inspired one of my own. I have always felt a connection to Shakey and his tracks. This one shows his proficiency at producing Techno, but he is also one of the tip-top Synthpop producers here."

2. System of a System by @AUDIOARCHITECT

" I love the concept of this track. AudioArchitect is one of the best artists I have come across when it comes to articulately expressing his state of mind through his music."

3. Evolutionary Humanism by @brain-walker

"This track has some wonderful old school elements in it. The bass in this track is hypnotic to me. Whenever I hear this track, it generally takes about 24 hours to completely work its way through my brain."

4. Almost (transmutation) by @dronealpha

"Dronealpha is one of the unique artists on AT in that he uses it as tool to combine samples generated from recording live instruments that he (and his “band”) plays. He is one of the artists that inspired me to begin uploading my own samples (esp vocals) to use in my tracks."

5. Auf Kurs (2015) by @Sandburgen

"A recent remake by this prolific and legendary AT artist, this track showcases signature Sndbrgn sound that can be found in his work, regardless of genre; intricate percussion with mysterious synth work delicately layered on top."

6. Waiting Door by @cripta

"Another AT legend typically known for dark Techno tracks, this track shows that Cripta is a versatile artist with outstanding synthpop sensibilities (which can also be found in the best collaboration on AT – @Sandcripten )."

7. Set Phasers to… everything by @Jambam

"I realize this is Jambam’s most popular track and everyone reading this has probably heard it before, but it’s a track I can’t stay away from for too long without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. The funny thing is, it’s my favorite track of his and I didn’t even comment on it – I had no words. And no, I wasn’t crying – my eyeballs were sweating…"

8. Trance'n Dance by @Intracktion

"When Intracktion showed up on AT, it was evident he was an accomplished artist. His experience and talent allow him to show how powerful a DAW AT truly is."

9. Leck am Reaktor by @ascona400

"The synth work in this track still haunts me (in a good way) to this day. Where the heck did this guy go?!"

Artist recommendation @5six

"I came across this artist after seeing some faves of his tracks from Shakey (thanks Shakey!) and was instantly drawn to his stylings. Loads of potential here. I’m looking forward to seeing what he produces in the future!"

10. Dark Floor by @5six

Favorite track of his own:

"Electronic Soul – I feel like this track has a decent amount of polish to it. When I first started on AT, I never would have dreamed of trying something like this!"

11. Electronic Soul by @fauko

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    very nice of you, thnx bro!!

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    about 5 years ago

    Great! Fauko is just MAGIC <3

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    Never heard of fauko but might as well check him out

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    Congrats man!

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    about 5 years ago

    hehe - thanks gents :)

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    about 5 years ago

    Congratulations! Fabrique c'est chic!

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    Excellent dude, glad to see you in the spot light :)

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    about 5 years ago

    Cool... Congrats.