Yup, a guy in his 60s is gonna theoretically listen to this. Expect to hear both of these presets in a couple up coming tracks I'm making for the next, upcoming, Pinkamena Party album.

Cover is from Sabrina Online, a webcomic by Eric W Schwartz. Pretty much essential reading for anyone getting into furry webcomics/literature. (for whatever reason) Kinda like how Schwartz's porn is essential fapping for those getting into furry porn. Now if only he didn't hide it all behind a paywall...

...the fuckin jew bastard...

...Anyway, yeah, Sabrina Online! Great, nerdy, slice of life shit! Would recomend.

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  • In speedcore .. I'm kōhai :)

  • I can only imagine a class full of teenage girls with guitars and boys who make shit trap music, and then there is just you in the back of the class on your laptop making this glorious cancer XD

    • I also talk a lot with one of the hip hop producers who apparently has never touched a synth plugin

      except to make a sub bass once, but he likes my stuff, so I'm nice to him. He also makes some decent side money selling his beats to local rappers, so who am I to criticize him.

    • “teenage girls with guitars”

      Pff, I wish. All except one of the girls in our class this semester (so, 1 out of 4 out of like 25) are vocalists. The guys are a mix of drummers, guitarists, film sound people, and yes… Hip Hop/Trap producers. There is this one guy I’ve been hanging out with who listens to Death Grips and Aphex Twin, though his skill level is at the "fiddling with fl studio presets" right now.