Cover of track whit headphone  brutal 2020 by Asclepeion
  • about 5 years ago
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Asclepeion, whit headphone brutal 2020


exhaust car broken brutal wakeup whit 3hours and 1/2 of sleep i may have to go bed ;( right now again :)

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    Mad∞Scientist∞Mike about 5 years ago

    cool nice one man :D

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    Sound_Conspiracy about 5 years ago


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    Asclepeion about 5 years ago

    hehe no worries i use bike for traveling no car here that was just some one that pat in the street but stop in front of the house bloody hell i wake up at 3 pm my day is ruined but audiotool is here to save the day rain outside :( THX GUYS

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    roobarb about 5 years ago

    eerie man,,cool :)

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    Cypher Static (Azzect) about 5 years ago

    love the sounds