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  • For some reason I thought this was in ATD22 and was wondering why it didn't win. . .

  • This is a delight

  • good one man

  • doing more with less, i dig this entry. the pads at the end are gorgeous

  • Here i am with my little baby track while this guy is shredding on the pulv

    Awesome stuff!

  • really nice

  • exquisite sound

    • I could've sworn I did. Will do it now, thanks for reminding me.

    • you forgot to press the button :-)

  • fuckin sickk

    luv this entry

  • i have now heard it.

  • the build up into the main body of the song was just *chefs kiss* gonna be a tough one to win over! <3 def my goal to beat this. GL!

  • Love to see a beefy track on a modest setup. Great one! Goosebumps from those pads at the end!

  • man this is already becoming a good atday

  • you have very much pleased my ears i hope you know that okay

    i love you homie

  • Wow! And the contest just started....