this song is very personal to me... more so than other songs i've made.

Hopefully I can put this out on all platforms when "Beautiful" Hits 10k


For once i'm leaving remix open! i want to see what the creative mind of Audiotool has to offer and I'm excited to hear what you can come up with!


Like always, thank you for consistently being there for me, i wouldn't be the person i am today with out any of you.



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  • refav

  • Could this be downloadable?

    • It’s on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, it’s everywhere XD

  • I absolutely love this and this is so... just perfectly made, in my opinion

  • <3

  • so nice, I love this stuff, indie vibes

  • you remind me of 7ru7h. he is one of my favorite artists. this is crazy dawg <3

  • too short tho

    • r u sure

    • Naw, it’s better to be short then dragged on

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  • vocals are mixed really nicely

  • personally i like my part 3&2

  • yo (NF FOR LIFE) did you listen to my tracks i am new and it be cool if you reviewed it and help me with advice there remixes but trying to up grade to like you and NF my top two fav.

  • yo, you sound like machine gun kelly!

    • i'll take that compliment (i secretly listen to MGK but dont tell anybodyyyyyy) ((btw i just got that nf "the search" merch its AMAZING))

  • love the song keep it up!


  • yes another song boi

  • S a d k i n g

    • uwu i'll take that as a compliment

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  • This is amazing