Inspired by the original, just went ahead and made a quick remake. Original: Dancing In My Room (prod. sebosito)


Sebi if you're interested in finishing this hmu lmao

I really feel like we could make a banger out of this lmao


All guitars and drums were recorded in school, pardon me for the shitty mix and vocals, I rushed this lmao. I'll admit this isn't my best work in terms of vocals, but I really wish I'll be able to improve from here to make more indie shit like this :D.


Sebi didn't make the original remixable, so I won't too. hmu if you wanna remix it.

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  • 69 messages my guy- oh wait now its 70 WHO COMMENTED- oh wait

  • That guitar sample is the first one I heard on this site.

  • I wouldn't have suspected this was made im audiotool if i didnt listen to it here

    • that's a huge compliment! thanks so much!

  • I think vocals are out from audiotool

  • Nice song , sounds very good

  • i luv this : )

  • The harmonies tho

  • POV: Vizil faved your track

  • Ok so remind me again why this charted?

    It died down SO quick?????? Wtf?

    • No its not. And i'll even give reasoms why. It's very empty, the mix is really boring and bland, and my stupid voice really sounds like shit here. I'm not hitting the notes and I'm always off pitch. It lacks a rhythmic guitar to it and the song just has no variation. :(

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  • really well done

  • whatever you're doing keep doing it

  • my only critique is that this feels a little bit empty and the mixing could be a little more in-your-face, other than that, this is a certified bop my guy

    i'd like to hop on a remix 👀

    • 👀

    • sent it master 👀

    • holy shit yes please

      lettuce commence on an indie banger hehehehehehehe

  • well done, keep it up man, i fk with this track!!!✌✌

  • you own a room?

    loser im forced to stay in my living room all day and they wont let me sleep in the afternoon!