Ayyy another quickie with da boi Vulky :D

I always wanted to do a G-House track and Vulk helped me with that. Thanks Vulky :D <3. As always enjoy the track :D

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  • I will turn this into real g house

  • fuck i want to remix lol

    amazing <3

  • Republished

    Remix open!

  • lemmee remmixxx

  • uhh the drop lead is a no no

    • get rid of it and just add a more metalic bass

  • wtf is G-House?

  • On the drop tho remove the lead

  • I like G-House

  • ooo i like this! i never heard about G-house actually

    • Thanks :D You should check out Confession on yt they make the best G-House tracks.

  • attack on the lead is a bit too much, but even though I'm not a big fan of g house, I can enjoy this

  • This is bass-house not (I'm assuming g stands for garage) g-house. Good little track tho, really like it.

    • G-House is in the bass house group. G-House means gangster house or ghetto house as you said. The main thing about it is bass and deep vocals as you can hear in the track. :D

    • !! @Zatsyko mentioned to me that g-house could mean ghetto house, and if it is supposed to say ghetto house then I do apologise as bass-house must sound very similar to ghetto-house!!

  • lol

  • noice

  • i just like to be first

  • hi