Cover of track and then she left me by Vulkron
  • about 3 months ago
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Vulkron, Fluent, and then she left me

  • chill_vibes

c h i l l v i b e s by vulky and fluent...y

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    Young Heartbreak about 2 months ago

    Vibes were beautiful, tell me you need me put that in my head. Found somebody else and you guys started taking meds. I still think about you lying inside of my bed. Sometimes I feel like I have no soul, looking dead. Getting sick, too many times I have bled. Exhausted so I alienate myself from the rest. Why you want drama instead of place where we could just talk and sit. Looking for a future ahead. Nobody wants to help so do it on your own and you will find success.

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      Vulkron about 2 months ago

      can someone rap? we need this in the mix

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      Entroppy about 2 months ago

      I like these lyrics bro. They do fit in well with the beat and song. I just freestyled it a bit

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    Fluent about 2 months ago

    Number 7 monthly neato

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    Ty Freestyle about 2 months ago

    so good

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    Yin. about 2 months ago


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    sim about 3 months ago

    'guyzzzz haha girls amirite??????/ haert hurt so much lolz ;cc emotoinnal piano and c h o r d xd :pp'

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