It started again with some figure loops

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  • ziemlicher killa. greetz Q

  • Wow this cool

  • dark as I like it, great track

  • Digging the name change

  • sweet kind of sadness and melancholy into this. great track mate!

  • Great Electro track! Pleasant sounds as always

  • Love this!:~)great bass and cool drumsounds

  • how did i miss this? sounds very nice

  • wow, that's some ear candy right here

  • ... macht mich ein wenig traurig, weiß gar nicht genau warum ... ein wirklich schöner Track !

    • Ja, so wirklich fröhlich isser ja auch wirklich nicht. Freut mich, dass er dir gefällt ;)

  • hey bro i was just wondering whether it was weird to want to kiss you on the lips after listening to this like idk but that weird ass anthony kieds-looking-profile pic lookin kinda cute rn at least after listening to this fine piece of music anyways keep on rocking xoxox 8====D~~~~ <--- thats cum tho

    • Pretty sure that I don’t want Hoden on my lips but I understand it as a compliment ;) thanks for that

  • closing @ the afterhour

  • instantly thought: downtempo

  • Very good,bro !

  • Ein Genuss!

    I love the cut at 3:53 !