Cover of track amoeba remix contest -RESULTS by amoeba
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amoeba, amoeba remix contest -RESULTS


first off i would like to thank everybody for participating in this! it was so cool and i loved seeing what everybody did with this.

now it was very hard to choose the winners, so i just want it to be clear that i enjoyed everyones remixes.

top 5:




@Mr. Standfast


these 2 i felt had the same level of awesomeness as Aaron's so im giving them an honorable mention:


@Flying Baby Seal

other categories:

most unique: @AlphaWulf

most creative: @Aron

best genre adaptation: @Nitrix and @storminike_and_friends

best produced: @ABOVE

best name: @:draugas:

again thanks to all! when i upload feedback to dropbox i will put in my description, post it here or republish if i have time. :)

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    amoeba about 4 years ago

    it is the original version!....? :)

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    amoeba about 4 years ago

    haha i just realized i tagged the wrong person @tophat lol :)

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    humasigno about 4 years ago


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    amoeba about 4 years ago

    thank you all! :)

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    Flying Baby Seal about 4 years ago

    Thanks for the feedback amoeba ;-)

    I am always very pleased to enter in this kind of contest (well the original track has to inspired me first.... and yours definitely was inspiring) specially with that kind of feedback that proved you have listened carefully all the tracks ;-)

    et bon voyage en France alors ;-)