future garage is dead

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  • big big refav

  • Oh my gosh..

  • what a gem

    wish i had found this earlier

  • refav

  • masterpiece


  • this one is just so perfect in so many ways,

    like icant even describe, the way the progression flows so naturally.



    • love

    • just like eg 4:35 the chord is just slightly hopeful but then it just gets instantly turned around and we're back to being sad

  • wait hoooly crap its this one

  • amazing <3

  • I feel like an idiot for not realizing until recently how amazing the future garage on this site is.

  • thank you very much! :)

  • this is one of the best tracks i've ever heard... not ust on audiotool

  • amoeba, you are brilliant. inspirational. talented. so talented. this is exactly the kind of music I wish I could make...

  • takk eat them up :)

  • i have lots of music like this with vocals, should publish some more :)