well this is what i love to write, whether you like it or not! it was really fun making this, but it gave my computer arthiritis...crashed so much...it has the most synths in a track i have made: 9! thats alot when you add percussion and sound effects, so it was pretty tough mixing this. im gonna do a blind publish cuz i cant play back or else my computers gonna have to go to ER so THIS MAY BE SUBJECT TO UPDATES. DONT DOWNLOAD UNLESS I SAY ITS COMPLETELY READY. :)

oh and i experimented lots in this. hear that thing at 3:50 ? the thing that sounds like a dying cow? thats AUDIO-IN feedback...splitting off a pulv and routing it back through the AUDIO-IN thing with some distortion and adjusting the filter frequency a bunch with the record option i never use. by itself it just sounds too out there but i think it gives sort of a crying aspect to this track...like an electronic voice, almost, trapped inside of a bubble of computerized chaos, yet emotional at the same time. idk, its a strange sound, but somehow i think it fits the track.

i think ill go back to future garage/lo-fi chill stuff, i wanna try to combine this kind of electronica style with that.

enjoy! :)


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  • crazy

  • lots of strange and wonderful sounds in this one

  • lol thank you very much! :)

  • you are my favourite audiotool artist of all time <3

  • Beautiful dying cow sound!

  • let me look up some synonyms of 'good'. This is up to snuff. This is congenial (?). This is prime. This is recherché (?). i have no idea what half of these mean but i guess that's okay because my vocabulary doesn't cover it.


  • haha thank you :)

  • You can always tell the greatest by just what they have to say about their own track. Masterful as fuck. c;

  • thank you! i have lots of these sounds in my head :)

  • thank you :)

  • WOW i didnt know! thanks AT! :)

  • This has always been my favorite.!

  • uber like! :)

  • w00t!