Cover of track you were plastic by amoeba
  • about 5 months ago
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amoeba, you were plastic

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for someone.

old draft i completed, everything but the sine pad is new. dont try opening.

technical things i did in this track that you might see in a lot of my other new music:

-- section between first and second drop is a fugue exposition

-- pizzicato strings are doing a 5:7 polyrhythm

-- modulates down half step in 2nd section to Bb, makes u feel dead af

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    DreamWeaver 1 week ago

    i wonder what looks would think of this

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    blvy about 5 months ago

    top 3 all time greats on audiotool.

    1) xav

    2) lux

    3) amoeba

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      Monty about 1 month ago

      if you want a list of all time greats, ive been compiling them for seven years now.

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      SCHXFER about 1 month ago


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      Aron about 2 months ago

      tfw people dont remember Olaf

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    pendragon `', about 1 month ago

    hhhhhh 4 months

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      known about 1 month ago

      time goes tooo fast now i swear

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    / kurp / about 1 month ago

    jfc how do i not know about you

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    amoeba about 5 months ago

    thanks everyone so much for the support. next has been giving me some technical issues but im still working on stuff dw :)

    • User Avatar

      EdgarBlassia about 2 months ago

      why tho? next is the best thing that has happened to audiotool :v

      your technical knowledge and its capabilities would give tremendous results