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  • Loooooove that steel drum pattern. It fits this so well

  • jesus this is such superb quality

  • i love it!

  • Cant believe I missed this. Beautiful <3

  • I love Liquid Drum & Bass so much!! This is freaking awesome!!

  • my goat

  • the goat

  • this is some serious lofi stuff

  • Woah how'd you get that perfect hoover??? I've been trying to do that for so long!

  • me likes this :3

  • been a while since I heard a teq song

    • I have not been disappointed, amazing work as always

  • OOOO THAT FILTER WHERE THE VOCAL COMES IN IS SO C0OL!!! Never thought of filtering in vocals thru reverb

    Those marimba sounding plucks fit so nicely, id layer them with a tomematrix tbh

    The sound design is so clean!

    The tambourines are so nicely arranged it gives so much space to the mix!

  • Nice

  • Superb from u as always. Although the intro definitely drags a bit. Kinda loses me a little. Love it as always tho!

  • The singing is fitting very well!