almost 2 years ago I made this... and I will never forgive Jaden Smith for his sins.

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  • what's the story behind this?

    • So I got on the livestream, it was super high quality... a big event right?

      Then there were a bunch of already signed artists who all won who were there at the event. They were totally picked ahead of time lol

      Jaden Smith was one of the hosts. I felt ripped off, but it was fun keeping up with what other audiotool people did.

      They threw all of the artists in a discord and it was just non-stop self promo and complaining about the competition.

    • Here's the story!

      I was invited to participate in this competition for Stem Drop, which would be a service that allows artists to remix popular songs through tiktok using the stems. A bunch of audiotool artists got invited, which sounds awesome right? Like this would be the perfect platform for that!

      So we all worked really hard on our entries, made videos and tiktok accounts and then a big live-stream was planned with Hollywood elites who were supposed to announce the winner!

    • I am also curious about what happened. I can't really gather much from what you said on Jetdarc's version.

  • Yesssss