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  • Republished

    FX ALL VOL 2

  • Republished

    FX ALL VOL 2

  • Republished

    FX ALL

  • Kinda reminds me of Daft Punks earlier stuff, sounds great!

    • You do things very much to my liking, with a very dignified, enjoyable and digestible quality, I love the versatile atmosphere that they generate, I really want a good collab with you, thank you for taking me into account uwu @nitexwl

    • also check out my latest track :D

    • uwu swag I'll let you know when

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  • Very creepy sounding music, cool! :OO

    • It is what I try to achieve with what I do, thank you very much for listening and commenting!

  • play this on ya phone and put the speaker in ya mouth

    • It's pretty cool isn't it?

      I strive to emulate / achieve a homogeneous sound but at the same time, dirty; Dark...

      Thanks for listening

  • This is good

    • Thanks for the compliment and for listening to my music!

  • good