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I'm Bold Turbulence
I am kinda weird and cows are blue
Eh If you want to really know me just say so on my wall and I will invite you somewhere.
I am not Afraid Of anything Do not push me off my limit.
Bravest of them all
I'm decent and 13 years old and single and I am a fiesty Female.
I say Life is a rock
and all of us broken people are cracks in
it. People can treat you like your a ghost or invisible. I'm part of the Fox clan, Ghost clan, And I am the leader
of my own clan Broken Generation. Feel free to follow me I always try to follow back.
If someone wants to hurt you or kill you or others I will stand up to them I am not afraid of anything.
I've been through a lot in my life so I understand what you might be going through.
I'm here mostly all day But ever since I started going back in person I have to be on my bus by 3:10
I often get back on afterward. Audiotool is the best thing that has happened in my life *lucky!!!*
I write songs and poems and I'm an author of 2 books (well I'm almost done with the second one I'm on 28 of 30)
I'm here tho
I can't always be here anymore
My computers on probation so I barely get to have it
But I will leave some links here so you can still chat with me!.
I won't be here during summer sadly I don't think.

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