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  • This Actually Translates to "They Licked Him"

  • Dulk

  • sounds like it's missing a whole range of frequencies

  • dulk

  • woah.

    • It's slightly better than before.

      Instead of deleting the cowbell. you can always throw the melody on a different synth to make it and the track come together.

    • I'll re-listen later.

    • repost, better?

      Idk if i like the cowbell tho, might get rid of it

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  • Republished

    harder kick (thx xy) new bass, overall better sounds :)

  • Needs vocal samples for lively feel, drop variations, and I'll work on possibly a third square/white noise bass sound for in between parts.

    my songs are to be as simplistic as possible and still bang, let me know if i have accomplished that.