Cover of track Have At It (Remix Contest!) (closed) by shmoop
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Zatsyko, shmoop, Have At It (Remix Contest!) (closed)


Being a melody machine is both a blessing and a curse, blegh. I had this dusty old thing in my drafts for months! I was gonna delete it since I didn't have any ideas, but then I thought hey, why not share this with others and let them have fun with it? So i'm hosting my very first remix contest!


1) Dude throw this melody around like a rag doll if you wanna, as long as it's recognizable, do whatever the hell you want!

2) At the very least 45 sec.


There will be one winner, this individual will be able to make requests for 3 whole free art pieces of any media! (I am able to do 3D, 2D, and traditional, except for paints and oils, and important note, I am not good realism and people! Examples can be found in my art gallery in my bio), spamming rights to my wall if you are not yet on the list, and shoutouts on every platform I own.

The deadline is May 28th! Have fun! I hope I'm doing this right.

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