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Hi, hello! If I don't know u and u come and leave ur spam on my wall i will sneak all tiptoe-like into ur dreams and kick u in the shins. I do not want the blood sweat and tears that u put into ur work on my profile pls. Tis unsanitary. Luv u!
Another Account: @PugnaciousPictures
Personal Junk/Bad Jokes: @PoopieDoodles
My Art: (link is only visible to registered users) (avatar made by me.)
I Stream Here(might be nsfw at times): (link is only visible to registered users) (dead)
@aeotius is a smol and bouncy bean and my dear, beloved son.
@Mauii (Crossfire) is a good, true buddy buddy guy one of me favorites
@Zatsyko is a freakin musical wizard and a very good collab partner! (RIP)
@Poncho is a soft boy who deserves the LUVS and PROTECC
@dakota is a rare, mythical creature who looms in the depths of my discord dms stuck in a constant loop trading funnies with me, a good man
@Kurea (XX) is someone I've known for a long while who's shown me a lot and had good laughs with me, whom'st've'd I appreciate a b u t t t o n
@Vizal is an active listener, artist, and hella rad bud that deserves a nice hearty pat on the back!
@Fluent ? more like really cool nice person, ha got 'em
@Jvkki bomb art, good vibes, and hella RADICAL, DUDE!
@Jetdarc [Remix Comp] this dude freaking knows how to make THE BEST FREAKIN AIR WIGGLES H E C K (and they're also the winner of my first ever contest!)
don't hurt them i'll cut you.

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