With this track we wanted to show that audiotool can be a quite capable platform for working together with recorded audio.


This project was great fun to be a part of. I've personally never had the experience of working with more than 2 people on a draft, so this was quite a challenge! Finding times when all of us were online to contribute was difficult... Myself along with the other team members are very appreciative of the live collaboration features that audiotool offers, it's made this possible :)

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  • holy shit woah

  • this is super chill! loving the distorted guitar and the overall warmth

  • Republished

    some detail work by sim, also changed the bpm from 82 to 86.

  • wow

  • Republished

    reduced humanizing effect on drumkit's timeline track

  • say no more im flipping this rn

  • Congrats guys!

  • Wonderful

  • deserved number one for sure

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  • Came back just to congratulate you for your amazing work on this track again <3

  • very sick indeed, lads

  • oh wow gr8 drums, now I can make some fakebeat breakbeat

  • Die supermooi .Wauw.

  • this is seriously one of the best songs i've heard in a long time and i'm not talking about audiotool!

  • holy shit this is so clean love the electric guitar *heart eyes*