this is a re-remix that icebox invited me to about 2 years ago. AT wouldn't let me publish it bc the original wasn't remixable or something so i copied it over to another draft. i had totally forgotten about this. consider it a tribute to icebox. dude deserves all the attention and praise he can get, he's done a lot in little time. god bless.

my guitar work is pretty outdated and janky on this but I didn't want to alter it too much from how it was when i rediscovered it. it suits it well too i think. enjoy :)

here's his original remix and the actual original lol

Dancing In My Room

Dancing In My Room (prod. sebosito)

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  • the drum mix is insane you are a crazy crazy man sim

  • Feel like the drums can come in again at 1:29

    But the song is absolutely amazing. Need this on the radio

  • god i keep coming back

  • This production is so clean

  • sounds very professional

    • yeah, forreal. the bass is super clean and the drums are prestine.

  • this reminds me a lot of all my favorite pop punk songs mashed up into one