also listen Pyramids

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  • when you know your song like a farmer knows every inch of the field.

  • You used my cricket samp 🥰

    • Also I normally dislike dnb bc a lot of it sounds the same and it's kinda random choppy stuff for the most part, but this I actually like

  • I fuck with this.

  • that bass is noiceee man damn

  • That beging reminded me a song that two pock made

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  • This is chill. Me like :)

  • chill sound but idk why you called it footwork

  • imagine rapping to this.

  • This really cool! Nice work Trill! :)

  • it's all a bit over compressed-sounding, and the mixing could use a bit of work. You're probably losing some of your sounds in that over compression/ volume limit you have set. idk if your stereo output tool has the gain turned down or if it's in your centroids, but you may want to give your sounds more room. You might also try adding some filters to your sounds so you can boost the frequencies you want, and mute the ones you don't. It'll make your mix sound a bit cleaner. Nice job tho, I like

    • thank you dude, will do.

  • Nice vibe

  • It sounds great. I like the airy atmosphere.

  • i don't even listen to things like this, but it's too lit. 10/10.

  • the best

  • sounds really nice