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  • it keeps going offbeat lmaooooo

  • interesting deley effect i like the synths

  • its fitting to the name

  • some crazy tension game soundtrack

    • some crazy tension game komment.This track is experimental.

      And write so that after the transfer i can understand.

  • WOW!!

    I love the track!!!!

  • I think we need to figure out what is the point of teamwork.

    First it shares ideas.

    secondly it is important for those who are just starting to write music,they quickly join the ranks of the audiotool.

    Audiotool this site is not only for the elite,but for all who love music.

    • Who agrees with me let him support me with a comment

  • i am gonna leave the collab b/c its kind to rude to have a track published that i didn't work on

    • Maybe you were busy at that time. I can't know it.

    • I do not force anyone.Project enough time was open.Who wanted one took part.

      What do you think I should have done

  • Why am I on this collab?

    • i was asking the same thing

    • All the best

    • I’m gonna leave since I have no clue how I got on here

  • I think that it is necessary to give an explanation why the track consists of three parts.

    The first part is the start.First ten kilometers Marathon runner run leisurely.

    In the second part, he gains cruising speed.28 knots under water :)

    The third part is the most dramatic.He has no horsepower left.For the power of the snake appears at the end.And so he crawls to the finish.

    Who will win ?

  • Republished

    minor improvements and corrections

  • I still need a couple of days to complete.I published so I could work on a copy.It saves time,

    as well as safe.

  • two days have passed.

    For these two days ,we had two versions.First was mine ,but some didn't like it and therefore removed it.The second version was created by the way he is the only one who showed activity.For which I am grateful to him.But this version has no support.Therefore, I will delete it. If someone needs a copy of them then write to me.

    • Was also active,Sandrinotje213.But I did not support him.Since I already had an idea.