this is when i first met Grek so i couldnt tell who was doing all the fantadtic work

im guesing thats who did most if not all of the work so much respect to Grek

my first go to to creat a live for whatever cause its my first good upload

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  • still come back


  • legit cant even play it D: so sad, such a great song too

    • look up the song then play it from outside of the songs page.

  • like a time capsule.

  • huge collab

  • the co auther list though

  • woah the cover art is killer man! i want something like that for my pfp but with hurakan somewhere in there

    • i make some now. pretty coolio ones too

    • time to make you a pfp

    • you see my problem here, @yōsei (escapiistt) ? Hurakan is too exclusive of a name. people dont think of it. im one of a kind, which means that no one else makes pfp's of hurakan, and i dont have the resources to do it myself. see?

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  • chipstep should legit be a category. anyone else agree?

  • ca

  • nostalgia ඞ

  • bri ish

  • None of this comes from anything other then pure creativaty and is 100% orriganal

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  • It was definitely probably GREK doing some of the fantastic work.

    • yeah lol i think grek made most if not all i would be able to tell because i was new then and made it everyone could join and i didnt understand how that could cause issues luckly back then newbies that joined your lives arnt as crappy and they are now a days so you

    • mostly, but others like me helped as much as we could while trying to keep our pcs from crashing.

  • Sounds like Marshmello.

    • lowkey kinda

      grek actually made all of this because i didnt know shit back then so i dint understand haow to do anything

    • c o r r e c t

  • i forgot about this masterpeice we made. how shall i forget of such good quality music.

    • we basicly grek did all the work no cap

  • that sounds like those grageband samplpes

    • oh, you mean the live loops, yes. it does sound like them!!!!! but this is original.

    • That's so true!!