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i chop old soul samples i found on youtube and make boom bap...
inspired by dilla, madlib, rza, preemo, 9th wonder, etc
tbh i can make wtver, i just love being here on audiotool.
part of a few collectives:
its me and
its a lyrical rap group so if you make that kinda stuff hmu so you can join!!!
Jupiter and Art Club.
shout out to all the homies:
@Ҟ₣IÐANƵA21 : he's the always online and he's super fun, also the first person i met on AT
@[taki2020] : very unique and makes cool hip hop/lo fi type beats
@Valeros 臆怨ャ (2020) : is crazy
@×JuugKorp× YGM THE GREAT : the plugg master
@william_wheat : makes boom bap like me
@▽Momo▽桃. : kinda the queen of audiotool
@.vistamista ☁ : a genius
@ ghost : so damn underrated its pissing me off
@[offbeatninja] : hands down the best artist on audiotool
@ Anthony Louis Johnson : makes fire tracks
@!˩˩ тнɛ ƤĦAИƬѲM : he !s dope and makes really n!ce mus!c
@atari* : also called kunaii anyway he's cool
@ Soma. [Desecrated] : hides all of his banger beats for sum reason
@ MOOSEY : a rapper who you should check out
@(USOz) $erious boi : also very underrated
@TteeraBeats : super nice guy
@ Professor DJ Sparkz : a trump supporter lmao
@ UzehGotBeats!!** : has fire trap beats
@reyvaz : rain beats vol. 3?
@joe : another boom bap enthusiast, plus goofy rap
@ギズモ (gizmo) -Tokyo Gems- : keeps getting better.
@TAZONTHABEAT : as of now, he is one of the homies.
@• HBK Pluto • : "fudge"
@Winter ✔️ : "curse word"
thats basically everyone if i forgot you spam my wall with curse words

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