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    TrafficLights about 5 years ago

    New song :D => Get 2 Lives !!

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    yafee? about 5 years ago

    :) !

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    andrewfifa about 5 years ago

    pls listen to : my piano . my new song ;)

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    fontana about 6 years ago

    learning by copying .... remix a track (with melodie ) ... and change ... put some notes cut change rhe rasselbock and dont forgett .... just for fun

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    yafee? about 6 years ago

    ref: " How do you make your melodies?"

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but , a good place to start would be to set a pulverisateur to 'init preset' and play around with notes on the notetrack!

    For 'init preset': Left click on the pulverisateur, a play symbol will appear, click the symol then click 'init preset'! Have fun :)