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  • Ayo... Im puttin the shit in the past behind us... Wanna collab?

    • No disrespect VSD but...

      Fuck all that... U gotta let things go sometimes

      Im trynna be nice... And if u dont like it then u can unfollow

      With all due respect vro

  • FUk me

  • sad case poor man took his life cause hes a snitch?

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  • Ur a cunt why would you do such a thing just because u lost $1000 doesn't mean shit you can make it up by getting "A REAL JOB"

    • Renegade was my homie too

    • Even after he makes a beat about it

    • What happened if he gave a wrong address.

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  • i hope he is not dead

  • pathetic that this is even an argument.

  • I just lost $1000 of dollars worth of beats cause of a fuck nigga, tryna act gangster.. Then he snitch so he a bitch on the inside

    • aint nobody told the dude to take his life, he didnt have to snitch.. Cause i make money off here to take care of my fam.. i have responsibilities. Yall little i can tell

    • Thats fucked up

    • HEHE

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  • i hope hes faking

  • you'd better FUCKING hope renegade isn't commiting suicide cuz of ur ass

    • IM from where someone say they gonna shoot me, they will , he started it, ask if i care

  • damn