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"The number of followers does not correlate to the quality of what you do... so get over your followers list and make some goddang good music" - Me
Concerning the fact my computer is garbage, I'm here to show you can still make something that's half-decent and simple at the same time.
Hey there! :D I'm Lumin.exe, aka Gearbot.exe, Gearbot Productions, and Luminescent! I've always been fascinated by music and what it can create. My love for the game Geometry Dash certainly fueled my creative spirit, with no true way to channel it. I was stuck with crap DAWs such as Buttonbass and Soundtrap - or so I thought. Mr.Nirimi found me on Newgrounds and suggested this website to try out. This website has pretty much everything I wanted/needed, so I believe this is what I'm using for a good while.
Check these guys out:
@MRИ - Great Prog. house and dubstep tracks
@Mouzestrosity XV - Brilliant tracks in general
@Ludvik van Pudlik - Brilliant future house tracks
@SPAMLORD - Friend of mine irl
@Nuclear Code - Friend of mine irl
@XculE - They make some dang catchy dubstep stuff.
Have a nice day!