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  • yea bruh you fuck with zhion i fuck wit you

  • Thanks for the follow

  • cool

  • Yeah u a pussy i live at the preserve at rolling oaks austin, tx 78728 I'll be ready tho hoe ass nigga

  • Look bitch i aint gotta problem with zhizhi13dragon that nigga follow me anyway and I don't talk to anybody named glyen scott ya dumb fuk right now I only have a problem wit yo pussy ass and you can hit me up on my wall anytime u fuk boy cause yo beats have u sounding like a real clown lol

  • ight bruh tired to give you a pass man but u just an annoying motherfucker don't commit on my shit no more or Zhizi or glyen Scott shit either we all know each other if you didn't realize it by now so when when zhizhi say don't fuck with the squad that's what he mean and zhizhi and hes the quiet one so just stop it man before you really piss us all off

  • Aye this between me and zhizhi13dragon go fix yo funky ass beats up

  • thnx chris, when u gon publish dat beat u showed me on friday