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i dont give a fuck about the judgements , i do this shit for the feeling!
shout out to the real homies:
@u.s.mariens - is improving with the tracks everyday.
@▽Momo▽桃. - the full on queen of audiotool
@ag. stays home - man with them beats and soul samples..
@[dotaki.smash ult.]バランス☁ - basically the lofi legend
@$TW✨ skoollins✨ - in my opinion the master of trap
@TteeraBeats - nice guy and makes some fire beats!
@tornsage - a popular creator also nice the music tho..
@CAZDiOnE - underrated but got them fire beats..
@anthony Louis Johnson - he is cool and he is the VINTAGE of JUPITER and ARTCLUB.
thats pretty much it but thanks to all my followers giving me such support.

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