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Welcome to Audiotool (The Discord Server)!

Consistency is not my middle name, I tend to post whatever I am feeling at the moment. For this reason you do not have to be followed to me :)

I warned you...


hello! my name is jordan kibbey

I'm 21 years old

I've been on the site for 8 years

favorite electronic artists: Skrillex, Reso, Jafu, Machinedrum, G Jones, Moody Good, Pixel Terror, Xilent, Underbelly, Space Laces

favorite bandcamp labels: Slug Wife, Chord Mauraders, Spicy Bois

my personal favorite tracks on AT -> The Best

feel free to ask me anything else you'd like to know on my wall

If you're following me, thanks! :thumbs_up:

we stan andrew huang

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