Cover of track I was just trying to enjoy my sandwich by Kib
  • 1 week ago
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Kib, I was just trying to enjoy my sandwich


im bored as hecc

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    heartize 4 hours ago

    as shitty as it is having no samples on AT it yields more impressive results...?

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    KrestWood 13 hours ago

    banging beats brother

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    Granted... 2 days ago

    so let me get this stait: you were eating a sandwich, then--# *an opponent has appeared* Oh No! it's Him! The one in the picture! RUN RUN RUNN RUNNUNURRRU NNU URU *YOU DIED*

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    kawalli 14 hours ago


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    leadenshrew 16 hours ago

    also imagine if you were eating food and a man in a fur suit walked up to you and started stroking his tail while breathing heavily