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Long-time Acoustic guitar player, lover of Hardcore, dubstep, and metal, and absolute gamer.

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  • hello?

  • Ooo hello there.

  • just thought I'd say, I ain't new to this. had a public account (work stuff) for a fair while. decided I needed a new account.

    • Oh lol.

      Welcome back then??? XD

  • Thx for the follow! (And I see that you are a lover of Hardcore... Get ready, bc some hardcore tracks are gonna be released soon!)

  • Going to have to follow you for that description :)

    • Honestly, I really like Motionless in White, WilburSoot/Lovejoy (not a DSMP Simp), and OmegaZ. all of those are Spotify people.

    • Once you figure out the reply function, or get your email activated, send me some stuff you listen to!

  • hey y'all! i'm here!

  • Welcome to AT (Audiotool)!!!!