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im doing f4f until 1k <3
hello, I'm cone man swagger iv been making music (it's mostly shat or a complete joke). I'm 15 and I'm a male:). I'm down to chill with you and play games. i am bisexual, so yea. I LOVE FEMBOYS OHOHOHOH
german (Deutscher)
Ich bin Deutscher, aber ich spreche nicht sehr fließend die Sprache, die ich auch als Niederländisch kenne. Ich bin immer bemüht, meine sprachlichen Fähigkeiten zu verbessern
-somethings about me:)
__ - I like to play videos (I mainly play mc) but i play other ones too
- i live in hell,Michigan (not really, hell,Michigan is a real place tho. but i do live in MI)
my discord is: cone#2826
my minecraft username (java): cone_57
@♡Bunnie♡ (pretty chill)
@✨Lore✨ (my first freind on this app)
@ᗩRG◈N (idk tbh)
@vixw (gay furry rolf)
@teapot (emo bitch)
@☯hailey☯ (stole the swag)
@xoel the protogen (gay)
people iv adopted (ask on my wall to be adopted)
@xoel the protogen
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