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I'm a girl. I like Alec Benjamin, Lauv, AJR, OneRepublic, Lewis Capaldi, Troye Sivan & Olivia Rodrigo, etc
- Part of 888 & cofounder - @[888]HxnnesseyZxyy
No one cares about me that much, and I'm anti-social and also very shy irl. I don't have many friends, and I have trust issues. Call me Daisy! (June & Ally work too)
- Only @-Villian LordShiggy殺す- can call me Bunny, lol. <33
~ I like Marvel & I'm obsessed with Stranger Things. I have ADHD and I'm adopted irl.
- I support lgbtq+!
- Birthday - September 10
- I'm apparently taken now :D
Idols - Millie Bobby Brown, Sadie Sink & Lauv
Idols for books - Erin Hunter, & Lisa McMann
I don't make music, but I'm here if you need someone to talk to. :)
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"What's important is not that we fail, but that we learn and grow. And that we know that there is always someone out there who believes in us." ~Lisa McMann
"How can I tell Hopepaw how I feel about her without looking like a fool? I must be crazy to think she has the same feelings as I do." ~Ploppaw to Boltpaw - from a fanfic I wrote
Modern loneliness, we're never alone
But always depressed, yeah
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