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  • He doesn't use audiotool really at all. The account was just so he could comment on stuff in order to find new people. I comanage the label and I DO go on audiotool quite often so I'm here for any questions or anything

  • Hey, @Ether i'm the go-to guy here on audiotool for the Recording label. I can help you with any questions you need

  • Nah, deals off, I guess.....

  • VIKING ! ! ! ! !

  • Could you give some details or something? :)

  • @Dj FredD We don't really like that style. So I guess the deal's off then...

  • @Alckhemist this is a label exclusively FOR rising artists ;p

  • dude can you check this out now?


  • i would like to devio, but i am personally still in a developing artist stage as well as i don't want to trust random record deal offers. Don't be offended, but that's just howw i rool right now

  • who the heck are you?