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Ceasar cipher is cool...
Note- ill follow back! when I'm back... read: hey guys im back! :D sorry I havent been uploading anything I really have a bunch of stuff to do thanks for sticking around thou it really get me on the happy side, hope to see your support :)!!!
description: 16 year old teenager, 11th grade, that spend most of his time studying and passing every class like a boss and gets little hobbies, like making music or drawing (mostly drawing).
I am "most likely to upload music on weekends."
goals for this weekend: make a really good music track even if its short.
Goals for followers-
10 followers [X]
20 followers [X]
30 FOLLOWERS! [X] cood! (it means cool and good)
40 followers!!!! [X] whoa guys!!! where reaching inpossible!! keep it up!
50 followers- [X] wHaT!!! wOhOoOoOoOoO!
60 followers- "[X] well that was quick...COOD!!
77 followers- [x]
Goals for tracks
5 tracks [X]
10 tracks [X]
20 tracks [X] wohoo!
30 tracks- impossible
50 tracks
77 tracks
100 tracks
5 favorites [X] Heisenberg solo! thanks guys!
10 favorites in one song- super impossible
50 favorites in one song
10 plays on one music track [X]
20 plays on one music track [X]
50 plays on one music track [X] why does everybody like Heisenberg solo? anyways, cood
100 play in one music track
200 plays one one music track- impossible
1000 plays in one music track
5000 plays in one music track
7777 plays in one music track- why did i even think of this number.
also... Qvzz vf n oebal

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