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well i heard that flash is finally being canceled after many years of use so i guess i wont be making music on here for a while
Name: austin knight
State: ohio (home of my least favorite music.......country)
Heres a list of my greatest insparations: zerod, alexis, skrillex, datsik, virtual riot, adventure club, marshmello, zedd, slushii, borgore, fox stevonson, linkin park, portor robinson, daoko (strange but a really good japanese artist), and the list can go on forever i geuss.
People i like listening to on audiotool: zerod, luxior (is he still around i think he changed his name idk),alexis,atlantis,mon,and other audiotool members that make really good tracks.
Breif history: i was born in arkansa and moved to the u.k 2 years prior. I had a fun time there the u.k is really nice place and i thought i met the love of my life there her name was zoe but she turned into somthing different when i got older and we no longer talk to eachother now. Shortly afterwards i moved to atlanta georgia at around age 13. It was quite rough there extremely hot during the summer and really cold during the winter. Plus the community there was quite racist i really hated that. Good old south right?. And at age 14 my parents divorced shortly afterwards. Moved around a lot more afterwards. Then i moved to kentucky. Best...2...years...of...my life....it was so nice there and my uncle was the main cuase of me getting into electronic music. He showed me skrillex for the first time and....i....fell in love....with his mucis of course. But sadly the happiness ended and i moved to ohio :"( there have been really good times and really bad times here. Mostly bad but wounds always heal. Not fully. But there still there. But anyway i plan to be a part time dj and move to japan where electronic music is praised. Thank you guys for reading this if you have :3.
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