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I love just about any kind of EDM
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so i notice a ton of ppl now and in the past have goals set thats awesome and id like to join that but without anyone laughing at this, i really do want to become a DJ/producer... yes iv DJed live near where i live but all i was good at was pushing the play button... i cant wait to get me a controller a kaos pad and maybe a new micro Korg!!!! and then a real daws program idk lol..... its not more of a goal its more of i love edm and well i wanna give something to everyone where no matter what they are doing they can play a song of mine.... i love the emotions edmtjat g at all points of the day.... i hope to get better in the future but for now imma keep trying.... hope everyone is doing good. i start my new job tomorrow and i doubt ill be back on much unless late at night or weekends....

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