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Jay / 21 / ATX
now: @ASTRAL
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Jay / 21 / ATX

now: @ASTRAL

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    SENTIENT about 10 months ago

    lmao this guy is long dead now

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    TVGames about 1 year ago

    Hello, I am developing a pc game called TV: Adventure Worlds and I was wondering if I could use your dubstep-drum-with-echosnare sound in one of my level's theme.

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    G-FUTURE about 2 years ago

    Savage listen my ep

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    Sijil about 2 years ago

    You're underrated.

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    ean about 2 years ago

    My most professional track and set-up at the moment. Please check it out !

    一班の欠如 Squadless

    (I'm sorry for spam, just ignore this if you want.)