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!!We may not have many releases the coming month(s) as we are working on a project with (hopefully) all artists
Logo by @Blind Hyena
- Spotlight:
Potatoraver & Mr. Slav - What Time Is Love (KLF Cover)
Yurenko - Slippy
- Members:
@Aringrey - UK Hardcore
@Pinke - Harder styles
@Denzonoise - Harder styles, DnB (Alias: Technobedrijf Wilbert - Techno)
@Mr. Slav - Techno, Harder styles, DnB
@RKKZ - Harder styles
@Renz_ - DnB
@Herbo - DnB
@Noisemaster666 - Frenchcore & other core genres
@yurenko - Acid, Techno and Hardtek
@SjorsExtreme - Splittercore and Extratone
@F0RCE - Oldschool
Leave a message on our wall if you want to join.
Apart from hardcore subgenres we also accept techno and dnb
Check out our bandcamp page here: (link is only visible to registered users) everything is free to download on bandcamp.
And our mixcloud: (link is only visible to registered users)

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