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Professor DJ Sparkz Aka DD Live Studios!
all about Trap dubstep and blues trap
love Grand Theft Auto and other games as well and love racing games
call me Genaro or just my artist name.
Please subscribe to both of my YouTube channels i have 2 of them
DD Live Studios and JTF Live Studios Previous names were (DAREDEVIL24K AND JTF124LIFE)
I do livestreams mainly on my JTF Live Studios channel but since my DD Live Studios is coming back for livestreaming December 19th stay tune for that. But i updated my channels on youtube and my other stuff everything is still the same thou.
Follow me on my website in the link below.
I have my own new website peeps check it out it will be here:
(link is only visible to registered users)
i do rap and beat making and i am more good with making synth sounds if you need me to add a good synth sound or whatever i am the go to guy for that if you need help making a synth or if you need someone to rap with i am always avalible to message on my discord and youtube and my other social medias

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