Never Alone (Hiatus)

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I've essentially stopped working on electronic music, and have moved on to more traditional, instrumental music. One more EP/Album of three or four songs is on the way, when I finish them. Then, who knows?

"Interstellar" album RELEASED!


Working in FL mostly now, workflow here will be much slower. I do have one song lined up though, rejoice.

I feel like I'm the only one here who never uses a pulverisateur :I

About me (Cuz that's the section isn't it >:L)

I'm in love w/ electronic music, it's basically my life.

Any songs anyone makes that don't suck are perfect for me.


15 follows [very nice]

25 follows [very close]

50 follows [pls]

100 follows (duh) [pls]

200 follows (I'm a optimist) [pls]

Song w/ 10 faves [ALMOST]

Song w/ 50 faves [pls]

Song w/ 100 faves [pls]

Wow too bad I don't use audiotool anymore

R.I.P goals

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  • Your song Welcome to hell wouldve made a sick drop. you changed it a lot and i was sad

  • I would like help woth knowing your presets with making your Song on Youtube Welcome to hell. I know you changed it but i would like to know.

    If you would like to help that'd be great

  • Need your Help Never Alone

    if you could get back to me when you see this that would be great.


  • thanks :)

  • Your underrated AF

  • weird how we have the same profile picture :P

  • Yeah, but you still did a good job, ttyl because I'm dealing with something important right now

  • lol I'm already past a minute, and I like it so far sooo... :)

  • It's fine m8. Always glad to help ^-^

  • hey, not to spam, but would you mind checking out my song called claude?

  • 10 now <3

  • only 11 followers?!?!?!

  • wowee

  • I r satin