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This is a secondary account. Please see the link below if you're looking for the main one.

>>> MY MAIN ACCOUNT >>> @Nix

I'd like projects not taken seriously (or at least semi-seriously) to stay away from my main account. This is mainly due to my slight nature of a perfectionist and the fact I just like my profiles on any sites / social media to look in the cleanest and most aesthetic way possible while also following a certain style of mine. But this doesn't mean I don't like to shitpost from time to time. I love jokes, memes, dark humour - all of that stuff. That includes making songs that can be straight up considered as a joke, meme or something made just for fun / out of boredom. So in other words, on this account you will be able to find all of that stuff mentioned from me. Hope you enjoy. Have a nice one <3

NOTE: I also use this account to further promote work made here on Audiotool on my main account.

While this may seem a bit unfair considering there's lots of smaller artists on here that don't get enough recognition, I do think promoting your work like this is in fact fair, as long as you don't make a huge deal out of it - that being, let's say, creating 2 or more alt accounts and using them to just constantly like all of your main account's works in order to get those works charted every single week. Although, I think having a single alt account to promote your work is fine if you're not popular here just as I am (I haven't reached 100 followers on my main account within nearly 4 years at the time of me writing this, so I humbly believe that statement is justified). That being said, I will most likely continue to do so until I reach, say, 250 followers (if that's even possible lmao). Thank you for understanding. Cheers!

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