Nitrix & SOLACE

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  • Whoa. This was a thing?!

  • I am very sad to say Solace that I think it has become to awesome for my computer to handle. You might just have to finish it. :( On the bright side, it is pretty fantastic. :D I'll still try to do some stuff. :)

  • oh ya

  • ooooooh.... Sounds Awesome :D

  • I really like what you did! I'm just going to extend the drop a little. :)

  • I wasn't going to even drop it where I left off XD Was going to do some highpassed dirty electro build into the drop... lets see what you did :D

  • I'm actually still working on this. I'm on a fricken role here! :D To avoid overwriting anything that either of us do, lets post here when are start and finished editing. I'm in the middle of editing right now ;)