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Final Free Release will be on Bandcamp and is by T-Pone | 27/1/17
also i've got a Form for if you want to join FSStudios this way is easier for me (link is only visible to registered users)
FrostSelect Studio Is a Electronic Music Label Created By @Distorted Vortex
We are here to promote Fresh New Content as well as some old content some of the stuff that has been Promoted are like Albums, Singles and even a EP soon for already released tracks just send it via message with the track you want to promote though on AT i have to remix because AT doesn't allow samples over 30 seconds
Send us Unreleased Demos/Track Here (Also your track will be added to the Compliation Album)
fssdemos @GMAIL .com (make sure to say the artist name and song name otherwise i can't name it)
or just post on the wall (Audiotool tracks only)
Website: going to revamp it to make it look more better then what it looks like now
Co-Owner: @aeotius
Artists on FrostSelect
@The Kraken
Compilation Albums (all albums will be free or you can donate to support the artists)
FS001 - Fight On Glitchside (14 Tracks , 19th Dec 2015)
FS002 - Cracking Open (12 Tracks, Feburary 27th 2016)
FS003 - Darkforce (15 Tracks, 4th July 2016)
FS004 - Escape the VOID (31 Tracks, 12th September 2016)
FS005 - Malware Nights (24 Tracks , 25th December 2016)
FS001 to 005 (96 Tracks (i'm going to probably kill my internet)| Jan or Feb 2017)
FS006 - Fireflies (TBA 2017 or 2018)

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