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40 years old, musician, fan of psychedelic music and culture. Influences like legenday pink dots, tear garden, edward ka-spel, bauhaus, curtis mayfield, the smiths, tori amos, kim gordon, diamanda galas, nina simone, christian death, cure, butthole surfers, wu tang, gza, william burroughs, ken nordine, last poets, miles, 'trane, the cooty brothers with count basie, woody allen's klezmer work, ween, dead milkmen, thelonious monster, peter murphy, patti smith, talking heads,raggae and dub, dubstep, and garage, noise music, einstruzende, bowie, all kindsa stuff.
I revel in production, over most things, I value the arts of engineering and producing music, enabling music. I have a son who is also a musician, his name is josh hammond.
Simply, music is the temple where i talk to god, and listen,too. Music is heaven.
Thanks to Marooned for telling me so long ago that I suck, really. With just a bit of criticism, I have found myself miore driven to not only suck, the best I can, but also to swallow, meh!!Seriously, well meant or not, your words have made me get serious about making my music, and that, marooned, is a touch of divinity to me. So, that being cleared, let's all get on with this. Thanks for the program.
My music is best described by my girlfriend, who likens it to be a cross between Herbie Hancock, Roy Ayers, Radiohead, The pink dots, bowie and others. eclectic are my tastes, so i will stick with that tag, eclectic, yea that's it.

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