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    DeadMidKnight about 3 years ago

    start working on something new man.. we really wanna hear a new track.. you have a lot of love waiting for ya skyward.. love that's always been there from all of us... rock out wit your cock out son.. lol

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    Feared Productions about 3 years ago

    remix comp!

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    Lil' Bassie* about 3 years ago

    follow me back lol imma rapper really called a snapper but killed by a wacker i felt the beat with meat everything about me is a treat i am elite feel beat that's i like to beef feel the burn feel the heat feel the torcher feel wheat lol hope you like the rap follow me on AT and SC

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    VISIA-on soundlcould only about 3 years ago


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    OLi about 4 years ago

    Hello. I've favourited one of your sample tracks, and I need to know the main source of this sample, it is a GREAT synth chord. Thanks! [The sample's called looperman_554743_46575_Dice